This is the most magical store! I always find some treasure that is a “must have,” and Brenda has made my tired looking lamps beautiful again with fabulous shades, quick re-wiring, and out of this world finials. The atmosphere couldn’t be more warm and welcoming. We are so lucky to have Ambiance in Belfast.

This is the most magical store!

Beautiful collection of vintage lamps and decor. The owner is delightful.

Beautiful collection of vintage lamps and decor.

When I need help with shades/lamps, Brenda fixes it. I have purchased half a dozen lamp shades, new and vintage, at AMBIANCE and will continue to go there whenever I need/want another one. When I am not sure of what I want, Brenda has a great talent for finding what you wanted but didn’t know it. Never a forced sale. She has an amazing knack for helping you figure it out without imposing strong opinions just gentle suggestions or ideas. I usually don’t know what I want until she guides me. I am always thrilled with my purchase(s).

Never a forced sale, always thrilled with my purchase(s).

Brenda is delightful and has a wonderful eye. She has filled her shop with a unique collection of treasures making this shop one of my favorite haunts.

I adore this shop.

AMBIANCE is a awesome store. Great service by the owner! Very friendly so helpful.

AMBIANCE – An awesome store.

We are incredibly lucky to have a store like this in our area. Brenda Bonneville, the owner, is welcoming, kind, knowledgeable and talented. She rewired two antique lamps for me and helped me to choose the most amazing shades and finials to make my lamps look gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier.

Incredibly lucky to have a store like this in our area.

I love to browse in this shop and have found many well-priced treasures that I couldn’t live without. One item in particular is a beautiful tray and lid to dress up my casserole dish. I’ve brought it to potluck buffets to hold my contributions. Very stylish modestly-priced splurge.

Well-priced treasures and superb service.

AMBIANCE is now in the same spot that many of us remember fondly as Old Stuff just across the street from the Belfast Post Office.
It is a shop that offers the delight of the hunt for the unusual.. a designer pillow crafted by Brenda Bonneville, the creative owner or a planter from Italy that has a touch of the Old World in its design or an old commemorative plate with the state of Kansas printed on it. The lamps are a main stay as they were with Old Stuff. And what fun just to hunt for the unknown. AMBIANCE is a place to spend time poking and picking and almost always finding something unique.
Always a must when visiting Belfast no matter the time of year. The ambiance of this charming shop is pretty near perfect.

Funky to elegant and everything in between!

Brenda, the owner, is fantastic. Brenda Bonneville really knows her way around lamps, lighting, etc. I’ve had a lamp for 40 years that, thanks to her, will now reveal its beauty.

Brenda, the owner, is fantastic.